Classes from Our Piano Schools in Anchorage, AK

So, let’s begin! Let me help you or your child to open that marvelous new page of your life. Be patient, it might take us a couple of years, but you already know that everything valuable is not that easy to learn. You will get the greatest reward of all and you will never be lonely in your life. Your piano will be with you every moment when you need a friend.

Taking piano lessons, especially when starting in early childhood, benefits everyone. Here are the reasons why every child should take at least couple of years of introductory piano classes. Piano recitals also help children learn how to stay in control in every situation!

Piano study will assist your child acquire additional wonderful skills. My students easily and quickly learn to play other music instruments such as violin, cello, clarinet, saxophone, guitar etc.

Music language is universal and international! The world of music is inseparable from art, history of literature and of the world itself. So, just imagine, how many pages of information you and/or your child will open with that magic touch of the piano key.

Enrollment: year round.

Schedule: Monday – Saturday by appointment.